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Live feed of M4 Brynglas Tunnels

Services Provided:


In a project undertaken for brynglastunnels.co.uk, our client sought to showcase the traffic conditions near the notorious Byrnglas tunnels using live streaming cctv.  This strategic location, witnessing a remarkable flow of nearly 3.3 million vehicles each month, has emerged as an exceptional opportunity for digital advertising. Standing tall on the M4 motorway, their impressive 32-meter square digital advertising billboard features shows uniquely vetted announcements for local events and charities.

The Challenge:

Initially, the project encountered challenges as the existing CCTV cameras lacked the capability to transmit live video feeds directly to platforms like YouTube, and their absence of zoom functionality was another limitation. Overcoming these hurdles required a customized and innovative approach.

The Solution:

To address the limitations of the existing setup, we devised a comprehensive solution to enable seamless live streaming. The first step involved configuring a dedicated virtual network to accommodate the new system. This ensured smooth transmission of real-time traffic footage without compromising on quality or reliability of the host network.

Next, we embarked on enhancing the camera capabilities through custom firmware. With these tweaks, the camera gained the capability to send live video feeds directly to YouTube, providing a broader audience with immediate access to the traffic conditions.

The Implementation:

With the virtual network and camera firmware in place, the project was set in motion. The live stream was seamlessly configured on the client’s YouTube account, enabling viewers to tune in from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even on the go. Commuters now have real-time insights into the traffic congestion near the Byrnglas tunnels, empowering them to plan their journeys efficiently.

The Impact:

The integration of live traffic streaming has been a resounding success for the brynglastunnels.co.uk project. The website now has become a valuable resource for travellers. Commuters can now make informed decisions based on real-time traffic updates, alleviating congestion and enhancing overall driving experiences.

The live feed provides proof for advertisers about the amount of traffic passing the digital billboard. In addition, the video stream will drive more visitors to the website and increase ad revenue.


The successful implementation of the live traffic streaming project near the Byrnglas tunnels is a testament to innovative thinking and technological prowess. By overcoming challenges, we have harnessed the power of live video to serve a higher purpose – aiding commuters in their daily journeys. We invite you to explore this project on their website, where you can witness first hand the impact of live traffic updates and its contribution to a smoother and more efficient commute for millions of travellers.

Click on the image below to see the live feed and judge for yourself.

Project Location

Brynglas Tunnels - M4 Newport

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