ANPR Systems

A.N.P.R or Automatic Number plate recognition systems provide a complete picture of vehicle movements and statistics on any site.ANPR capture of vehicle leaving a car park

Key Benefits include:

  • Know the exact entry and exit time of every vehicle
  • Enforce parking rules and limits
  • Get a full image of the vehicle on entry / exit
  • Automatically open gates or barriers
  • Get alerted when a target vehicle enters or leaves
  • Full statistics, stay time, number of visitors, busiest times, etc

Whether the application is designed to enforce speed limits, control entry and exit to site or monitoring car parks the requirement is the same – read the Number Plate

This is achieved by installing specialist Cameras and software, the vehicle passes the camera and the number plate is captured by the software.

ANPR camera setup with wireless link Opening barriers allows vehicles into and out without the need to issue tickets, fobs or pins. This provides a much better flow of traffic and simpler administration with no fobs to lose or tickets to issue.

Vehicle statistics can help show busy periods and help you compare data by: hour, day, week, month, year. Dwell time data lets you know how long your customers are spending at your site.

Real-time alerts can be set for known target vehicles. Providing advanced notice reception or security. With full audit trail and acknowledgement.

Systems can be stand alone 4G linked smart cameras controlling a small car park with one or two exits or multi camera systems as shown for shopping centres and more complex sites.

We can integrate ANPR into many parking applications with direct links to cloud based providers like Zatpark and iView as well as pay and display parking meters by companies lANPR Camera locations mapike Parkeon.

Guard Tech have experience in multiple environments from Hospitals and Shopping centres around the country with multiple entry/exit points to stand alone car parks we have a solution to fit your needs.

ANPR can eliminate the need to manually patrol car parks, provide increased security and increased revenue by ensuring every vehicle has a valid ticket or permit 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We cover most of the UK currently and can also work with local contractors and installation teams further afield. The map shows our current active ANPR sites.

All sites are remotely linked to Cloud Based ticketing platforms such as Zatpark and iView.

For more general information on ANPR take a look at the Wiki ANPR page or contact us for a chat.