We recently installed an ANPR camera system for a parking company in Wrexham that monitors multiple lanes and uses 4G connectivity.

Here at Guard Tech Security, we design, install and maintain ANPR camera systems in a diverse range of commercial settings. That includes everything from retail businesses to local authorities. We also have a vast amount of experience installing ANPR solutions for parking companies across the UK. So, when we were contacted by Anchor Group, a parking company in North Wales, we were only too happy to help.

ANPR for car parks

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera systems are a simple and cost-effective way for parking companies to improve the efficiency, reliability and convenience of their car parks. We create systems that can be tailored to meet the specifications of both the site and the parking firm to maximize income, improve security and provide a positive customer experience.

By setting unique parameters and rules within the system, we can install ANPR camera systems that cater for requirements such as free limited time parking, set time parking, after business hours parking, permit only parking and more. That makes our systems suitable for car parks in shopping centres, business estates, hotels, supermarkets, council-run land and more.

A bespoke ANPR system for Anchor Group


Our first step was to conduct an initial consultation so we could understand Anchor Group’s precise requirements. We then got to work designing a system that would meet those needs. In this case, we chose to install a camera from Jenoptik, which is a global leader in the manufacture of ANPR cameras. We felt the VECTOR camera platform would be an excellent fit for the functionality Anchor Group was looking for 

This lightweight and compact camera automatically reads number plates and provides a colour context overview image. It also offers multiple lane monitoring capability and provides high capacity internal camera storage so that data can be preserved in the event of an outage.   

The camera also uses a 4G sim card to communicate with a powerful and robust cloudbased ticketing platform. That helps to improve parking compliance by immediately notifying the operator of overstays or non-payment, as well as providing valuable information about real-time car park usage that can be used in future planning decisions 

Bespoke ANPR camera solutions for your car park 

We install ANPR cameras across the UK that help parking companies deliver a secure and efficient service for their visitors while providing the best possible return on investment through increased charge enforcement. Read more about the benefits of ANPR camera installation or get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team today.