ANPR Camera Installers

Automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR for short, is a CCTV system that is used purely for the purpose of capturing vehicle number plates.

This type of system can be a very powerful tool in a business’s security armoury, particularly for access control purposes such as controlling gates, barriers and site perimeter access. An ANPR installation can also be used to monitor vehicle movements, enforce speed limits and gather information to help with traffic management and vehicle recognition.

As a leading team of ANPR installers, we can cater for all your requirements, whether you’re looking for standalone, 4G-linked smart cameras to control a small car park, or multi-camera systems for shopping centres, logistics hubs, gated communities and other complex sites.

The benefits of ANPR system installation for businesses

ANPR camera systems can be used by commercial organisations for a wide range of applications:

  • Access control – ANPR systems can remove the need for parking tokens or fobs for car parks that use automated gates and barrier systems. The result is a faster flow of traffic with reduced administration requirements.
  • Enforce speed limits – Monitor the speed of vehicles through controlled areas to reduce the risk of an accident and improve health and safety.
  • Monitor vehicle movements – ANPR system installation can provide businesses and logistics hubs with a wealth of valuable information such as the number of visitors, entry and exit times, busiest periods, dwell times and more.
  • Enforce parking rules and limits – Eliminate the need to manually patrol car parks and provide increased security and revenue with an ANPR system that ensures every vehicle has a valid ticket or permit 24 hours a day.
  • Control high-risk areas – Provide enhanced security by automatically screening vehicles in areas such as airports, schools and border control. Real-time alerts can be set for known target vehicles and an advance notice can be delivered to reception or security with a full audit trail.
  • Customer service – An ANPR system can inform you when customers arrive and even provide them with a designated parking space.

Why use Guard Tech for your ANPR system installation?

At Guard Tech, we install and maintain ANPR camera systems in a diverse range of commercials settings and tailor a solution to meet your particular needs. We can also integrate ANPR systems with cloud-based parking applications and pay and display parking meters. We operate in South Wales, Bristol and UK-wide as well as working with local contractors further afield.

Get in touch to discuss your ANPR installation requirements or request a free quote from our team. Call 02920 099940 today.